A world in Living Colour

I’m quite excited, the funk/metal crossover band Living Colour are touring again, and performing the complete Vivid album. Although it’s 25 years since the album came out, it still sounds fresh today, and it’s hard to overstate how¬†influential¬†that album was when it came out. They were true pioneers of the funk metal sound along with […]

R.I.P Rick Wright

Sadly, another founding member of Pink Floyd, Rick Wright, passed away today from cancer. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7617363.stm I’m still totally awed by the sound of the Dark Side of the Moon album, one that Wright was instrumental (excuse the rather inappropriate pun) in creating. Incredibly groundbreaking for its time, it stands as a monumental achievment in an […]

Drone on forever

Recently, I’ve become fascinated by the potential of pure ‘noise’, and the beauty of the single ‘note’. The concept of music is largely based around the interplay, juxtaposition and sequencing of frequencies of noise. Sometimes in combination, which we experience as either pleasant or unpleasant (discordant) and sometimes separately, as single notes. However, here I’m […]